Two PC Streaming

or Recording without a CaptureCard

Guide in Text form:

In-depth tutorial on how to stream with two computers over Lan without a capture card. Best stream setup for streaming with no lag while playing! OPEN THE DESCRIPTION FOR FURTHER INFO!!!

Download NGINX Server here:
Crossover Ethernet cables:
USB3 - RJ45 adapters:

Step 1: 3:25

- Connect the computers over crossover-ethernet
1. Connect your router to your primary Ethernet adapter on your gaming PC
2. Connect your streaming PC via a crossover Ethernet to your gaming PC

Step 2: 3:38

- Setup Ethernet adapters on gaming PC
1. Go to Ethernet adapters by rick-clicking on your internet connections ? Open Network and Sharing Center ? IMPORTANT: YOU MUST JOIN A HOMEGROUP WITH YOUR PRIMARY INTERNET CONNECTION!! ? Then click on „Change Adapter Settings“
2. Share the connection of your primary Ethernet adapter by right-clicking on primary adapter ? Properties ? Sharing ? Enable Sharing and specify adapter which is connected to the stream PC
3. Set an IP address for your secondary Ethernet adapter outside of the range of your primary adapter, i.e. by right-clicking on secondary adapter ? Properties ? Internet protocoll version 4
4. Set Subnet mask (i.e. and DNS Server (i.e. These should match the status from your primary adapter!

Step 3: 6:00

- Test internet connection on stream PC
1. Obtain IP and DNS Server automatically
2. Write down IP address of stream PC

Step 4: 7:04

- Setup NGINX RTMP server on stream PC
1. Download and run NGINX server

Step 5: 7:56

- Setup OBS on gaming PC
1. NVENC @ 25000-50000 kbps bitrate
2. Custom streaming service
3. FMS URL: rtmp:„IP_OF_STREAM_PC“/live
4. Stream key: 1080
5. NVENC Preset „High Performance Low Latency“
==== Step 6: 10:24 ==== - Use Video Source Plugin to import stream to OBS on streaming PC:
1. Rightclick under sources in OBS
2. Add „Video Source“
3. Enter: rtmp:
(live is the NGINX application and 1080 the stream key from the first OBS session)
4. Click the plus icon to add the stream address

Step 7: 11:08

- Setup OBS on stream PC
1. x264 @ 3500 kbps (depending on your upload speed)
2. Preset „veryfast“ or better (depending on your PC)

My PC Setup:
1st PC i7-3770k @ 4.5 GHz, 32 GB RAM, GTX-980 (gaming)
2nd PC AMD Phenom II X4 965 B.E. @ 3.8 GHz, 16 GB RAM, GTX-680 (streaming)

Original tutorial by the helping squad:
Use two PC's to stream or record, but without a Capture Card? Here is how!

Guide in Text form:

Nginx compile under Linux

Nginx for Windows or

Latest Stat.xsl file

FFMpeg and Nginx config examples

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